January Q&AWatch now (18 min) | In this months video Q&A, I answer questions about Andrew Tate and aliens, all the way to if I've been in a street fight and how I…
#4 | My Spiritual Journey (VIDEO)Listen now (16 min) | This week I chat all about my journey through religion and spirituality. We'll be going over my beliefs, what's shaped them, and…
I launched a podcast!Watch now (4 min) | New episodes every week. 100% advertisement free. Three episodes are live NOW.
#3 | Pet Peeves (VIDEO)Listen now | It's time to rant. Here are some of my pet peeves that just drive me up a wall. From cyclers in the road, listening to Tik-Toks in public…
#2 | Managing Stress (VIDEO)Listen now | Stress hits us all different. Sometimes we're just overwhelmed, sometimes it's a panic attack, and for some it causes a wave of depression…
In this piece, we’re going to go over my thoughts on free speech and Ye's recent statements on nazis, Hitler, and the Jewish community.
If you’ve been seeing some stuff about Balenciaga but not entirely sure about what’s going on, this is for you.
Here’s how I’m personally handling these topics at the table and what I’d say to bridge a divide.
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