Hi, I’m Amir!

Thank you for being here. Here’s some information about the podcast, articles and myself.

About Reflections with Amir Odom Podcast

Amir takes time every week to reflect on…well, anything that’s been on his mind that week. Sometimes it’s current events, sometimes it’s a story from 10 years ago, sometimes it’s a conspiracy theory and sometimes it’s his alter ego “Jamal” going on a rant. You never know what you are going to get, but that’s what keeps it interesting.

Additionally, there’s very little editing, if any. I want this to be as real as possible for you. Much like a FaceTime, I want the experience for you to be as if you’re here. 

100% supporter funded. 100% advertisement free. New episodes every Wednesday. 

Advertisements is how majority of people make money from podcast, but I’m going a different route and putting my audience first. I don’t want to be rewarded by advertisers, I want to be rewarded by you all and create a direct relationship with you.

About Hidden Perspective

The main goal of Hidden Perspective is to offer you a new view on tough topics and implore you to ask questions about them. Heavily sourced and researched, this where we dive deep and address topics from a new lens.

Oftentimes the perspectives that I like to show are well…hidden. There’s a lot of topics that I’ve addressed on my Instagram that have been removed for racism and homophobia regardless from the fact that I am a black and gay man. Despite these accusations, this will not stop me from using my voice and addressing hot topics.

At the end of the day, I want to give you the opportunity to step outside the momentum of your day to day life in order to look at tough topics with fresh eyes and make a clear decision about where you stand.

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And of course, Hidden Perspective post go out to everyone, which will always be free!

I do this work because I know how valuable it is for you to have the tools you need in order to defend yourself on tough topics. Just like everything else, critical thinking is a skill and must be continually practiced. My hope is that by joining you not only are inspired to share your viewpoint, but also be apart of this amazing community where you’re able to sharpen your mind.

If a paid subscription is out of reach, and you’d like access to these perks, email me at info@amirodom.com

About Amir Odom

After a failed suicide attempt I made a pact with myself that I had to and would always live a life from a new perspective. Said perspective being one with and open mind and heart full of gratitude no matter what is thrown my way.

I've adopted the mindset that you can either be a victim of your past or a victor of your future and that at some point, you have to move forward in your life and accept that you are the present manifestation of the past.

I'll always be here to share my thoughts and offer a new perspective on tough topics. From politics to culture and self-development to new ideas, I'm here to talk about it all.