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The One Sentence That Changed My Perspective On Police Brutality Forever

The One Sentence That Changed My Perspective On Police Brutality Forever

Black people have a higher chance at getting struck by lightning than getting shot by the police unarmed.

Mainstream media and Black Lives Matter make it seem as though police brutality is the biggest threat to black Americans, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to The Washington Post’s database on police shootings, in the United States, 18 unarmed black people were killed by the police in 2020 and 13 in 2019. [1]

In comparison, according to the National Weather Service, lightning kills an average of 49 people each year. [2]

That's how rare these shootings are.

As a black man, I am tired of mainstream media and BLM speaking on my behalf.

There's no reason for me to fear the police. The black people who were shot by the police weren't shot because of their skin color, but because of the actions they took.

I'd never resist arrest. I'd never point a weapon at a cop. I'd never have reason to have my house raided.

I have nothing in common with those who the mainstream media chooses to highlight other than having dark skin. Furthermore, it is imperative to note it was not their skin color that got them shot, it was their actions.

It would be racist to assume that I would fit their shoes simply because of our common skin color.







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