Today's Thought Leader with Ruby Fremon

Tune in weekly as Ruby provides the roadmap to turning thoughts into influence, and influence into a mission that creates real impact in the world. Her no-bullshit and uncensored approach will lovingly punch you straight in the face while helping you rise up and make your voice heard.

The Uncivilized Podcast w/ Traver Boem

Traver is inspiring millions of men around the world to shift their experience of masculinity by combining the Primal Masculine with the Divine Masculine.

Author of the books “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized”, he’s also a two-time TEDx speaker, storyteller, podcast host, and founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. Formerly a Strength & Conditioning coach, CrossFit gym owner, MMA fighter, bodyguard, and still a licensed acupuncturist, avid meditator and mediocre surfer.

With a passion for people and a unique lens through which to view the human experience, Traver is a highly sought-after transformational coach in the fields of consciousness, relationship, and personal development.

Stories of Us

Stories of Us, a PragerU series, features Americans who have denounced leftism and are helping others to find a better life. These important stories of ideological transformation expose the left's lies and manipulative agenda for millions to see.