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Think About This Before You Cancel Your Friends Because Of Their Political Views

Think About This Before You Cancel Your Friends Because Of Their Political Views

How can you call for unity yet be so quick to cancel someone because of differing views?

If you’re so secure in your beliefs, have a conversation with the people you disagree with most to demonstrate your knowledge. How will disrespecting and cancelling someone for thinking differently bring this country together?

In order to create more unity in the country, we should not have to fear losing friends, loved ones, or jobs simply for having nuanced conversations. At the very least, we should create the standard to hear each other out.

6+4=10 and 5+5=10:  Two different equations that produce the same result.

Oftentimes, both sides of the political spectrum have the same goal in mind, yet have different ways of getting there. Instead of arguing which way to a common solution is better, let's first recognize our mutual desire and discuss ways to get there.

In regards to Donald Trump…

There are women, black, Hispanic, gay, and transgender people support Donald Trump. Their voices matter and speak for themselves.

To say that if someone supports Donald Trump, they support a misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and transphobic person...just doesn’t add up. There's clearly more to the story because I find it hard to believe that the millions of diverse people who support him, all would vote to suppress themselves.

Instead of dismissing those who support him, try hearing them out and understanding their point of view.

In regards to Black Lives Matter…

There are thousands of black men and women who disavow Black Lives Matter. Just because someone is black does not mean they think like and agree with every other black person. It does not mean that they need to subscribe to an established set of principles. While their lived experience may be similar to those who have the same skin color, it is still their own experience. They speak for themselves.

Instead of dismissing black people who think independently and differently, try hearing them out and understanding their perspective.

“If we can’t agree on basic human rights, then we can’t be friends.”

If you believe this statement, do you wholeheartedly believe that millions of women, Black, Hispanic, gay and transgender people all hate themselves? That they don’t believe in basic human rights and desire to be oppressed? What gives you the right to invalidate the experiences of so many?

Personally, I find that hard to believe.

There’s far more that unites us than divides us.

To find the common ground that unites us, you have to be open to uncomfortable conversations that will challenge your views. If anything, talking to someone with differing views should be exciting; you’re either going to learn something new or teach them something new.

If you want this country to not be divided, it’s going to take mutual effort from all sides to kindle change.


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